Morgan Dollar Series, Business Strikes

Overview of the Series

The Morgan dollar was designed by George T. Morgan in response to the Bland-Allison Act that resumed silver dollar production for public consumption (the previous one last minted in 1866; the Trade dollar was minted during this lag, but it was only for use in trade with China). Morgan's design is considered by many collectors to be a high point in coinage artistry and due to the numerous coins minted over several decades, it is a popular series to collect today.

Coins in the Set

There are a lot of coins in this series, as it experienced a run of over 40 years at five different branch mints. I'm not actually done a count.

My Collecting Goal

I have no specific goal here and I haven't been collecting these in awhile. At some point, I'll probably work towards a full set, but not for awhile.

A Note on the Photographs: Because I'm collecting these in PCGS slabs, it is very difficult to take good photos of the coins because (1) I'm photographing through thick plastic, and (2) that plastic is scratched and has dust that accumulates no matter how many times I wipe it off. So keep in mind that the actual coins look better than the photographs make them out to be.

1884-O MS-63DMPL Morgan Dollar 1884-O MS-63DMPL Morgan Dollar

Checklist (may be made later ... it's very long)